Alumni Testimonials

"Living and studying in a foreign city was new for me and I was very curious how I was going to experience it. I settled into my new everyday life very quickly and one reason for that were certainly the other highly motivated students that shared it with me. Living in Cairo in a daily routine made it possible to gain an insight into the Arab world that one does normally not get as a foreigner. The attendance of the courses at the American University enabled me, beside broadening my legal knowledge, to better understand the various dimensions of the Islamic culture and ways of life. The discussions with my Egyptian fellow students were very fruitful and formative for me."
Armanda Ammann, participant in LSS Cairo 2010, University of Zurich

"Everything has been great and the experiences we lived will never leave our memories. We were not tourists, and we experienced Egypt not in a traditional tourist way. Even though we also behaved as such sometimes, the feeling of learning which has surrounded us throughout our stay here, has made everything a pursuit of knowledge, a feeling which can hardly be deleted from our lives. That is why I strongly recommend this experience. It is demanding, it is tiring, it is challenging, it is a rapture, it constantly pushes your mind in trying to understand, to feel, to enjoy, to be tolerant and critical at the same time, to be careful and relaxed, happy and worried. It is a big life experience fit in a short period of time, something you cannot really understand if you do not experience it."
Sebastiano Paù-Lessi, participant in LSS Cairo 2008, University of Zurich

"Before leaving for Cairo, I didn’t exactly know what was expecting me. Of course, I read a lot about this city in advance, but I still was enormously nervous and curious about it. Also the fact that I was going to study in this completely new environment deepened this special curiosity in me. Once arrived in this multifaceted city, it was almost not possible to notice all this new impressions. I was just overwhelmed by all this new noises and smells. It was marvellous! Studying in such an environment is very intense. Classes were demanding and challenging, but also very interesting and fascinating. However, we were not only learning and studying inside classrooms, but also out there in this wonderful city. There, you study with all your senses. To sum up, it was demanding and challenging sometimes, but it was definitely the best experience during my whole studies. I can recommend it to everyone – it will enrich your life! "
Barbara Willi, participant in LSS Cairo 2008, University of Zurich