Journal LSS Cairo 2008


June 7 Arrival in Cairo; Reception at the AUC Residence in Zamalek; Welcome dinner with Moritz Mihatsch downtown at Akher Sa’a and having a drink at an outdoor teahouse
June 8 Tour around the AUC Main Campus; Reception and introduction at the AUC Law Department; Beginning of the course “Intellectual Property Law” with Prof. Reto M. Hilty, Zurich, and Dr. Volker Kitz, Munich
June 9 Beginning of the course “Banking Law” with Prof. Rolf H. Weber, Zurich, and Dr. Reinhard Klarmann, Sarwat A. Shahid Law Firm, Cairo; Beginning of the course “Islamic and Middle Eastern Law” with Prof. Andrea Büchler, Zurich; Beginning of the course “Comparative Private Law” with Prof. Helmut Heiss, Zurich, and Prof. Anton K. Schnyder, Zurich; Birthday party of Rolf H. Weber on a felucca on the Nile
June 11 Public Viewing European Soccer Championship at the Swiss Club (Switzerland - Turkey)
June 12 Reception and lecture at the Residence of the Swiss Ambassador Charles-Edouard Held
June 13 Visit to the pyramids, lunch on a boat and extensive tour around Cairo’s neighbourhoods
June 14 Tour through Islamic Cairo
June 15 Guest lecture with Bahey Eddin Hassan, Director of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies on “Islam and Human Rights; the Human Rights Situation in the Middle East”; Reception at the Townhouse Gallery and presentation by the director William Wells
June 16 Meeting with Kristina Bergmann, NZZ correspondent of the Middle East; Roundtable discussion on “Egyptian Politics and Institutions” with Dr. Nathalie Bernard-Maugiron, Specialist of Egyptian Constitutional Law, IRD Cairo, and Prof. Mustapha K. El-Sayyid, Professor of Political Science at Cairo University
June 17 Guest lecture with Ramy Habeeb, E-Publisher and Co-Founder of Kotobarabia within the course “Intellectual Property Law”
June 18 Guest lecture with Prof. Hassan Hanafi Hassanien, Professor of Philosophy at Cairo University, on “Perspectives of and New Approaches to Islamic and Middle Eastern Law”; Visit to the People's Assembly, discussion with M.P. Mostafa M. El Feki and attendance of a parliamentary debate; Reception at the American Embassy together with the American Society of International Law; Barbecue on the rooftop of the Zamalek Student Residence
June 19 Trip to Alexandria; Session at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina hosted by the World Bank Public Information Center with Nehal El-Kouesny, World Bank, Dr. Nader M. Ibrahim, University of Alexandria, and Prof. Rolf H. Weber, University of Zurich
June 20 Visit of Alexandria
June 21 Visit of El-Alamein Military Museum and of the German Military Cemetary; Beach at Sidi Abdel Rahman; Trip back to Cairo; Sunset in the desert
June 22 Visit to Al-Azhar University; Discussion with Dr. Hamed Abou Taleb, former dean of the Faculty of Sharia and Law, and with Dr. Abdel Samie Abdel Wahab Abou El Kheir, current dean of the Faculty of Sharia and Law
June 23 Fête de la musique at the Citadel
June 24 Invitation by Dr. Reinhard Klarmann, Zamalek
June 25 Cultural event at the German Information Center, 6th of October City
June 26 End of the course “Intellectual Property Law”
June 27 Trip to the Sinai Peninsula
June 28 Climbing Mount Moses; Visit of the St. Catherine Monastery; Trip to Aquasun Resort, 25 km north of Nuweiba at the Red Sea; Evening at Castle Zaman
June 29 Beach at Aquasun Resort; Trip back to Cairo; Sunset in the desert
June 30 Guest lecture with Dr. Reinhard Klarmann on “Islamic and Middle Eastern Commercial Law”; Beginning of the course “Comparative Constitutional Law” with Prof. Christine Kaufmann, Zurich, Prof. Susanne Baer, Berlin, and Dr. Nathalie Bernard-Maugiron; Roundtable discussion on human rights with Hossam Bahgat, Director of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, and Negad Al Borai, Main Partner of the United Group
  Guest lecture with Dr. Reinhard Klarmann on “Islamic and Middle Eastern Commercial Law”; Sebastiano Paù-Lessi's birthday party at Sangria
July  3 Meeting with AUC lecturers; End of the course “Comparative Private Law”, Guest lecture with Dr. Nathalie Bernard-Maugiron within the course “Comparative Constitutional Law”; Sally Abdelnabi's birthday party in the Buddha Bar
July  4 Friday prayer at the Hussein Mosque; Felucca ride and Sandra Cooke's birthday party on the Nile; Dancing session at El Mojito
July  5 Visit to El-Marg neighbourhood; Whirling Dervishes Performance at Al-Ghouri Centre
July  6 Guest lecture with Dr. Nathalie Bernard-Maugiron within the course “Comparative Constitutional Law”
July  8 End of the course “Comparative Constitutional Law”; Sunset and international dinner on a piece of land outside the city centre
July  9 End of the course “Banking Law”; End of the course “Islamic and Middle Eastern Law”; Meeting with Prof. Bernard Freamon, Seton Hall University
July 10 Meeting with Dr. Michael von Gagern, German University in Cairo; Rooftop party at Moritz Mihatsch’s home, Garden City
July 11 Visit to the garbage collectors’ neighbourhood at Muqattam Mountain, and to St. Simon the Tanner Coptic Orthodox Church situated in a cave; Dinner at Mena House with view of the pyramids; Conclusion of the evening at La Bodega
July 12 Mosque Tour: Citadel, Sultan Hassan Mosque and Madrasa, Al-Rifa’i Mosque, Ibn Tulun Mosque
July 13 Exam Intellectual Property Law; Exam Comparative Private Law; Meeting with Ambassador Held; Dinner at Sequoia
July 14 Exam Banking Law; Exam Islamic and Middle Eastern Law; Discussion with Prof. Heba Raouf, University of Cairo, on Islam, gender and modernity, legal pluralism; Dancing session at El Mojito
July 15 Closing and evaluation session; Farewell dinner in Islamic Cairo; Boat trip on the Nile; Pizza in Mohandessin – until sunrise
July 16 Departure from Cairo – to Switzerland, to Jordan or to other places in the world


Thank you!

to the students of the Law Summer School Cairo:
               Sally Abdelnabi, Sophia Arnold, Mirjam Barmet, Simone Baumann, Nathalie Caballero, Tariq Chohan, Sandra Cooke, Irene Donatsch, Evelyn Huber, Jasmin Esber, Alexandra Filip, Marc Hanslin, Luzia Lehmann, Leander Meili, Sebastiano Paù-Lessi, Guy Pegels, Rafaela Pleisch, Susanne Roder, Maëve Romano, Vahan Roth, Christina Schlatter, Caroline Schweizer, Dimitria Toteva, Beat Wicki, Barbara Willi
to the students of the American University in Cairo:
             Hanan Abdel Motaleb, Razan Abu Zeid, Nora Alim, Tarek Hamza, Hadeer Helal, Omar Khedr, Akram Korany, Foluke Omosuyi, Wung Raymond, Hesham Riad, Ahmed Sameeh, Niko Sievert, Amanuel Teklu
to our faculty and staff:
            Susanne Baer, Helmut Heiss, Reto M. Hilty, Anton K. Schnyder, Nathalie-Bernard Maugiron, Reinhard Klarmann, Volker Kitz, Patrick Brozzo, Luca Cirigliano, Adrian Gautschi
to the faculty and staff of the Law Department of the American University in Cairo:
          Enid Hill, Chantal Thomas, Christine Anderson, Diana van Bogaert, Yasmin Rouby, Ragia Saloussy, Dahlia Maurice, Nevine Henry, Ahmed Badri Khamis
to various staff members of the American University in Cairo:
        Fatma Youssef, Sherif Amer, Dina El Ghazali, Nancy Shawky, Mary Shoukry, Rana El-Harty
to the guest lecturers and participants in roundtable discussions:
         Hassan Hanafi Hassanien, Mustapha K. El-Sayyid, Heba Raouf, Ramy Habeeb, Bahey Eddin Hassan, Hossam Bahgat, Negad Al Borai
to the Swiss Embassy:
        Ambassador Charles-Edouard Held, Rolf Oberholzer, Jack and Annarosa Rohner, Ingy Abdel-Malek
to our various supporters and hosts in Cairo:
              Hamed Abou Taleb, Mostafa M. El Feki, William Wells, Nehal El Kouesny, Nader M. Ibrahim, Moritz Mihatsch, Kristina Bergmann, Syonara Tomoum, Hebba Bakri, Nihal El-Mofty, Mohamed Saeed


                                                                                                                                               Andrea Büchler, On-site Director
                                                                                                                                          Rolf H. Weber, Steering Committee
                                                                                                                                                               Amira Latif, Coordinator
                                                                                                                                                                       Zurich August 2008